When I heard of This Cigarette Jeans the first time, it caught me by surprise. My attention was definitely captured by this catchy word. I then see the subtle distinction between the cigarette jeans and the skinny jeans when I take a closer look. The cigarette jeans are essentially skinny jeans without cutting the tapered leg. So, they've got slim fit cutting down all the way to the knee region and it's got the straight leg folding down. Even if the distinction sounds subtle, the difference can genuinely be seen. I've gathered some of the finest cigarette jeans outfit ideas to explore more deeply into this interesting subject and I'm going to demonstrate you right now.

Blue Cigarette Jeans and Black Bomber Jacket

I'll demonstrate you this casual and stylish road outfit to begin the interesting list. For the top, wear a black bomber jacket with a green sweatshirt. To complete the stylish look, pair them with a pair of blue cigarette jeans and a pair of classic black and white converse.

Wear with Striped Crop Top off the shoulder

This couple of high-rise light blue cigarette jeans looks a lot like a couple of mom jeans, but it's a little less chunky. By wearing a white and gray striped off the crop top of the shoulder, you can create a chic and low-key sexy look around it. To maintain the look casual and lean, pair the outfit with white sneakers.

Ripped Blue Cigarette Jeans & Black Print Tee

Here's another stylish cigarette jeans couple. It's a strongly ripped version this time. Wear a black and gold printed t-shirt with a couple of low-top classic black and white conversation to create a stylish road outfit around the jeans.

Cigarette Jeans with Leather Ankle Boots

With its cutting alone, the cigarette jeans are already looking very good and distinctive. Now, if you want them to look even more distinctive and lovely, you can choose these jeans of cigarettes that are embroidered and cropped. Pair the jeans to look stylish with a gray t-shirt and a couple of black leather ankle boots.

Wear with Blush peach Hoodie

Cigarette jeans look beautiful with hoodies just like skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans. For instance, here is a blush peach hoodie coupled with ripped blue jeans of cigarettes. Pair the white sneakers to create a casual and sporty appearance. This is the kind of outfit you'd wear for casual hangouts.