Foremost Methods to shrink your Jeans

Summer is going on But jeans will be prominent in all seasons. If we talk about most preferred attire in the world then Denim will peak the list. You may also have Jeans in your wardrobe which you wear most. There are many DIY ideas you can use on your Denim to get more out of it. Maybe some of your favorite pair of jeans has stretched out and lost their shape. If you want to shrink them then we have some superior methods which will shrink them without harming their quality. 

Heat up your Washer & Dryer

I once figured out how powerful this strategy is when I used this on my loose skin jeans. Just set your washer and Dryer to a higher setting and you will see your fabric shrinking. You might need to repeat the process a few times to really shrink them, but I promise it ultimately will!

Try Boiling water

Ever boiled an egg? Excellent, then you’re usually capable of shrinking your jeans in a pot. Heat a large pot and fill water wait until it reaches a rolling boil, Just flip your jeans inside out before as it will prevent thee damaging. After inverting just put your jeans in, making sure they are fully sunken. Leave them in boiling water for almost twenty to thirty minutes, drain as much as possible, and then dry on high heat. This method is the same as the whole washer dryer one but will cause tighter shrinkage.

Take a Bath

For a super close fit, wear your jeans and go in the hottest bath you can tolerate. Once the water cools down, get out of the tub, and keep your jeans on until they dry. I know this probably sounds absurd, but the jeans will then hug your figure perfectly! This will help to contract the jeans fabric and you will get the perfect body-fit. 

Use Spot method

First of all wet the area you want to shrink using your diluted fabric softener. Make sure that the entire area is well-soaked. If you only want to shrink, say, the waistband or calf section of jeans, it’s totally simple. Mix 3/4 cup hot water, pour it with a spray bottle. Cover the entire area you want to shrink with the mixture, and then dry on the highest heat setting possible. In this instance, air drying won’t work.

At last:

By following these steps in an adequate manner you will shrink your jeans according to your fit. This type of DIY will make your life simpler and your favorite jeans are ready in your wardrobe with your perfect size.

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