Denim styles Which are On-Trend

I’m always on the hunt for new designs to add to my wardrobe as someone who wears denim as often as possible. What are the qualifications? Stylish, well-fitting, and affordable, as of late. Consumers (including myself) have asked for a more environmentally friendly denim industry, and one of my favorite French brands, Maje, is committed to the cause to my delight. I was originally drawn to Maje’s First Stone Denim collection because of the unique pieces that feature fun details such as fringe and two-tone washes, but I was thrilled when I found out that it was also produced using a new stone-wash technique that reduces the water, chemical, and energy resources required for manufacturing.

For many reasons, a denim jacket is a wardrobe staple, my favorite being that it can make a polished appearance feel a little cooler. Take this office-friendly printed dress and heeled knee-high boots outfit: the look immediately feels more stylish when I add the four-pocket, fringe-sleeved topper. Adding trendy accessories such as a croc-effect bag, a wide headband, and gold jewelry raises the look, making it remarkable.

A denim dress is perfect on its own, but it’s an ensemble immediately when you lay it over a turtleneck and below a plaid blazer. I opt for my go-to black combat boots and a daily leather crossbody bag to balance the sophisticated top half of the look.

With so many types of jeans that look the same, finding a pair that looks very different is refreshing. This straight-leg pair instantly caught my attention with the surprising detail of the bandana. Denim worn with sneakers and a white tee is my go-to weekend uniform, but adding an oversized check coat, a bold handbag, and chunky sneakers make this outfit worthy of a double-take.

I usually book my denim shorts for summer months and hot weather holidays, but there’s something daring to style them for fall. Alternatively, I’m matching them with a comfortable turtleneck, an oversized cardigan, and a chic black bag with Western-inspired fringe info. For that subtle touch of schoolgirl, I picked loafers and big socks.

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