A Neofabric weaving company which is based in turkey came out with an idea of biker jeans. They have been the manufacturers of high fashion woven fabric since 1997. Biker jeans, also called moto jeans, have become the hottest trends in men as well as in women's jeans fashion. They are classified by their skinny fit, ribbed topstitch detailing, and infrequent rip or more, these jeans are designed to impersonate the appearance of protective motorcycle gear worn by riders or bikers. Nowadays made with the purpose to satisfy both the need of being protective and also fashionable. The purpose of biker denim is to protect you while riding a motorcycle. So, when choosing a pair of biker jeans, keep these fabrics in mind; Aramid, Cordura, or Dyneema - these fabrics are the best ones. Also if you want to wear a full biker outfit then you should choose a slim fit biker jean as bikers prefer it over skinny or baggy jeans.
Biker jeans will look stunning on curvy thighs and bigger hips, because these features break up the volume of denim, and make a focus to feminine shapes. Go for a skinny or straight cut and a mid-waist not with the low waist when choosing a biker jeans.

What do you wear with biker jeans?

Here is a very stylish and classic outfit that is easy to pull off. For the top, wear a black t-shirt with a black fitted leather jacket. Pair this with black skinny biker jeans, a pair of black leather ankle boots to complete is always recommended when wearing biker jeans else you can also wear high ankle casual or boots.

To look stylish you can wear a blue denim jacket with a black shirt. Pairing them with ripped blue/black biker jeans. Black leather ankle boots will add a polish to it.
Black biker jeans with a plain white T-shirt and black slip-on is a perfect combination as a casual wear. On the other hand, you can also go for classic blue biker jeans and pair it with a funky printed shirt and white sneaks which gives it an amazing streetwear look.