Offers high-fashion leather pants, covered jeans are also a fashionable and trendy option for fashion-forward females looking for cost-effective, practical and stylish road wear. Coated jeans are a wonderful solution to giving your style some flair in the hotter months, more breathable than edgy leather pants. Looking for inspiration on how your road looks like to integrate these jeans? Keep reading to get ideas to style your coated jeans.

Coated Jeans with Denim Top

Would you like to look contemporary in double denim? Coated jeans are the ideal match to look trendy without looking overdone in a classic chambray shirt or denim jacket. For the slimmest general silhouette, just choose dark-coated jeans and a lighter denim top wash. For casual office days, you could wear a tank top with an unbuttoned chambray shirt and covered jeans, and trade your chic shoes for a relaxed casual atmosphere with a couple of brightly colored sneakers. Coated jeans look naturally costly, so it seems easily cool to dress them up with a denim top.

Coated Jeans with Sweater

Play with the leather-look of your covered jeans by combining them with a slouchy, boyfriend-style sweater and combat boots if you're more of a guy's girl than a woman. Copy the style of Annabelle Fleur's fashion columnist wearing a couple of metallic-coated jeans with her chic pastel sweater to maintain your looks chic and polish your outfit with a declaration necklace and a couple of cotton silver pumps. This way, without compromising a good style, you will keep the cozy look going.

Coated Jeans with Leather Jacket

If you believe a leather-on-leather look is too edgy and rocker-ish, then use a couple of covered jeans to wear your leather jacket to trade your leather pants. Just go for a gothic-print top to look edgy, striped top to look timeless, and a white tee to look casual. With your black leather jacket and a black blouse, wearing your black covered jeans will make your monochromatic outfit look chic and fashionable like Annabelle Fleur did.

Coated Jeans with Office Blazer

Are you tired of carrying with your office blazer your typical straight-leg pants? Then trade them in a neutral color for a couple of covered jeans that look more suitable for office than a couple of edgy leather pants. Use your office blazer to polish your outfit with a chic top and add some chic accessories such as a printed scarf, brooches, and classic pumps. Go for lighter covered jeans that show off your womanly curves if you're confident in your body. You can stick to black-coated jeans for a more slimming impact.