Jeans are worn globally with unique and numerous patterns. They are since ages with humans and with mean time get updated according to style, vogue and consumers choice. There are several types of jeans and people can opt according to their style and preference.

Patch on jeans were born sometime in the sixties, made by almost several fashion brands. This style is after ripping. Fashion is hard, volatile and expensive. Sewing patches over ripped jeans is a more economical solution

These patches are mostly pasted on jeans by strong adhesives (rather some time sewed). In either way it gives some real used look that is the basic fashion line in jeans trade. Having fun with old looks in new styles is a never ending fashion part. These patches are pasted on jeans specific areas with like stickers under high temperature and pressure.

Patches on jeans are trending currently among youths and celebs. They create a new statement on fashion with a distinct look and style. Your wardrobe will be more fashionable with distinct patterns and style.