We don’t sell clothes, we sell lifestyle" is the famous saying by Diesel jeans owners.
Jeans discovery was one of the most never ending trends in the vogue industry. Jeans are worn by all ethnicities of people in all seven continents. 140 years passed since jeans were part of human life. The R&D on jeans never ended. Numerous brands manufacture and sell denim jeans. Let us look at one of the reputed brands history of 'Diesel' jeans which is a key player in the market.

Diesel brand is most popular in European countries. It all began in the 20th century, i.e in 1955 with the birth of Renzo Rosso, founder. of the brand. Renzo has been a visionary since childhood. Just at the age of 10, he was already financially independent by selling rabbits.

Later, Renzo wanted to expand his business with multiple sources of income. He was able to predict the future of jeans locally and globally. The name “Diesel” was chosen as an avant-garde symbol of the oil crisis of the 70’s and as an international word it would create a memorable and emotional connection with the users.

The first men’s wear collection appeared under Diesel trademark in 1979 and in the span of two years that is in 1981 Diesel clothes was already exported to several other countries.
He managed to buy out the deal of partners and finally became the only owner of such a prestigious group. Renzo entirely focused on manufacturing denim. The company logo- Iroquois- becomes an identification sign of those who wanted to look radical and avant-garde.

Diesel’s slogan “For successful living”, calls for creation of one’s own church and religious cults, scandalous ads “The End”, “Alpine Village”, “No More Tears” and “Jesus Lives” make the brand more and more popular.Jeans by Diesel are manufactured in Italy only. The style of Diesel is consecutive and stylish, sometimes even radical. They never imperil on its overall quality.