Does your Jeans Fit Properly? Checkout.

Apart from wardrobe malfunctions, inappropriate jeans can be uncomfortable. Of course, the easiest way to tell if your flares fit is to feel completely comfortable and confident in a couple (feeling like you’ve got to pull the waistband or squat to stretch the fabric is not good), but if you’re trying a new style of shopping at a store for the first time, you might need some extra help.

Custom Jeans, offers you some advice on how you can tell if your jeans fit properly to avoid tearing your pants in public.

Examine The Ankles & Crotch

Epstein says extreme bagginess and excessive crotch bunching are clear signs that a couple of jeans don’t match well. Though, if you’re still not sure, he says that if the back inseam bends in favor of the left or right eye, you can tell the jeans are too tight. The ankles are another key place to look at. This is the first sign that you need to re-evaluate your size if your jeans bunch near your feet.

Check The Fly

“When you feel like unbuttoning your jeans every time you sit down because you’re tired, it’s not a good sign!” Epstein tells me by phone. Too tight jeans appear to pinch your ass (ouch) and build an inseam that pulls to one side. It’s also upset to have to check that your jeans stay zipped. You particularly want to pay attention when it comes to fitting to the tightness of the pants. Super tight pants, apart from the pain, can impede movement, which can lead to a lot of other problems.

Remember That It’s The Pants, Not You

Fit depends, of course, on the type of jeans you wear, but generally, Epstein insists that pants must feel comfortable. You should be excited to wear a few, not afraid to pull them on. When shopping for new denim in the dressing room, try multiple pairs before making the final decision. If a pair of jeans that you really like suits, note that if you’re very infatuated, you can always get things changed. Epstein says that finding a personal line between having a tailor or choosing a pair of jeans is too much work for an individual.

Check Out The Pockets

In addition to depicting poor fit, Epstein urges shoppers to test out the Jeans they’re trying on because they can also depict poor construction. Epstein suggests that the back pocket should be located around your cheeks, covering the “middle third of your back,” but not beyond the curve of your lip. In other words, you should not have your back pockets on your buttocks. Likewise, the front pocket should remain in the front pocket and you should not see its outline against your side.

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