Wiz Khalifa Denim Wardrobe

Who said the fashion rules had to be so white and black? How can’t they be yellow and black? And they might be Cue Wiz Khalifa. Or at least we can learn how his own sense of style has been developed. Wiz has proved that he’s beyond music with his latest album released today, and just as his style has grown, so has his sense of fashion. If you’re built something like his super lean 6’4 height or just like his overall style, we’re going to cover a range of looks and brands that will get a similar look–if not, the same exact look. Although conventional rock n roll’s popularity has diminished, it has spread like wildfire to want to dress like a rocker. But if you look at the style of Wiz Khalifa, you can know that for a long time he has understood this. Of course, the guy has an affinity for Gucci and can lift the bar when it comes to dressing for the red carpet, but when it comes to daily fashion, he’s repping all the streetwear brands that have a reason to be counted on. Wiz has a pretty consistent look for the most part, but if it’s not the dark or sleek silhouettes you’d imagine having a rock star, he’s always dressing up the most appropriate fashion brands and models.

Wiz Khalifa held his shirt open as he left The Warwick in Hollywood to expose his bare chest. Wiz sported some violet hair with friends for his night out. A pair of casual 501 ® jeans and Levi’s ® Trucker jacket are wearing a double denim feel. He wears rolled up and loses his jeans on the thighs. We can see that his undies are brown, sadly. Not that cool and definitely not that interesting. With a pair of white Converse hi-top sneakers, he rounded off his look. Okay, I think it’s a perfectly acceptable look for a singer, the open shirt, the tattooed chest and revealing his undies! The most popular denim jacket suited for guys is Levi’s ® Trucker style. The silhouette is straight on the body with armholes and sleeves designed for maximum flexibility and comfort, featuring fashion and versatility world pockets. It’s led the pack since 1962, and still remains an icon of American cool.

Taylor Gang has a new code of dress. Rapper Wiz Khalifa has always remained true to his skinny jeans look and a short-sleeved shirt, but that seems to change. Some of his fans pointed out that the style change was likely due to the jiu-jitsu training obtained by the “Young, Wild & Free” artist’s 35 pounds. “Before, it was great to be skinny. But I like myself with more weight as a 30-year-old man, “he said in 2018. Some fans who recall the evolution of Wiz’s style pointed out that before he preferred body-hugging pants, the rapper used to wear baggy jeans, and that the change in style may mean a more significant shift in his music.

Naturally, Wiz is a fan of the skinny jeans style, but this year with his oversized chinos he’s also pulling off one of his wildest fashion trends. Fans of the skinny jeans that aren’t quite on board with this argument don’t have to think about it, you don’t have to go too baggy to try it. Usually, straight-leg cuts would put you right on the trend without having to copy the Instagram post of Wiz daily. 2019’s the year of trying new things and for a lot of people, that’s experimenting with roomy fits.

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