Rami Malek’s Denim Wardrobe

Rami Malek has been pressing for “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Since the 37-year-old actor slipped on a black hoodie for “Mr. Robot,” we’ve been keeping close tabs on what he’s wearing on the red carpet, fashion week, and late-night television. The personal style of Malek is just as gothic, arty, and minimalist, with a dash of leading-man charm that makes some highly reproducible fits — and the kind that works surprisingly well for the office. His new conquest: the jacket of classic jeans. And only in time for fall, which we hear will eventually come. It’s not necessarily easy to make a denim jacket look new (it’s hard to make the classics look convincingly fresh), but by changing proportions, Malek accomplishes the job. Walking into “Jimmy Kimmel Live” earlier this week, the actor was wearing a Calvin Klein 205W39NYC cropped, slim-fit denim jacket over high-rise, relaxed-fit gray pants. The fashion staple looks a bit less classic by changing the script on the way the denim jacket is usually worn— bigger, over slimmer jeans. It’s also the kind of thing you should wear to work — the joy of joys. As we said, the design of Malek is shockingly evidenced by 9-to-5.

If your workplace is the kind of joint where hoodies and sneakers are standard fares, cop Rami Malek’s white T-shirt, black lace-up boots, and square sunglasses (for your lunch break) toughen your standard office dress Jeans in a nice way. If you need to be a little more formal, it would also work well for a knit polo and dress shoes with a thicker sole. Perhaps it’s a little more stylish than edgy, but I do.

Rami Malek was spotted in NY City with his lover Lucy Boynton. We’ve been wishing to see Rami in real life here in the city wearing Jeans outfit! and finally, Rami took a stunning attire, a navy blue hoodie, and a black bomber jacket matching with cropped straight leg jeans. But, it’s a cool style of jeans for dudes that we don’t see out there too often.

Freddie Mercury’s denim pants as seen in Bohemian Rhapsody. He has done superb acting and won an Oscar for the movie Bohemian Rhapsody. Rami Malek has done the role of Freddie Mercury’s biography and copied his Denim looks in Many Scenes

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