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A Little Info About Samurai Jeans!

Samurai Jeans is a brand steeped in the heritage of rich Japan. As the brand name suggests, the mission of founder Toru Noogami is to get the “heart of the Japanese sword embedded in the jeans.” Keeping true to the mission of Noogami, Samurai, like many other brands of denim, refuses to imitate pop culture.
Why is it considered the best Japanese denim? The best is known to be high-quality Japanese denim because it is woven on old shuttle looms and made using luxury fabrics and natural indigo dyes. The outcome is always raw selvedge denim, which offers distinctive colour , texture and appearance.

I’m not catching selvedge’s meaning in pants?


It includes a limited, firmly woven band on the two edges of the denim texture which, one, keeps it from disentangling and, two, shows a clean completed look. The word selvedge originates from “self-edge”, as the edge of the denim has a spotless completion and goes ahead a 32″ roll as opposed to the standard 62″ roll.

How much do Samurai jeans shrink ?

They remember that the waist would usually shrink by 2-4 cm, the thigh by 1-2 cm, and 6-8 cm in length. After soaking, they recommend placing it without detergent / soap in the washing machine and running it on a regular washing cycle.

Why are Japanese jeans and selvedge jeans so expensive?

They need to be shipped to a retailer in America , Europe, or elsewhere before Japanese jeans can be sold outside Japan. Therefore, further reasons Selvage denim is a bit costly is because the fabric width is very narrow, requiring a higher yield of fabric per jean, and clothing productivity is very low. Due to the antique equipment and expertise needed to make it consistent, selvage fabric is becoming very rare.


Jeans have been around the corner as far back as anyone can remember and have repeatedly seen it all over. Since its origins in 1873 by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss, in different times, Jeans have gone right from being the design choice as well as defiance for the two citizens. Different patterns of pants right from the double denim look to the low-ascent pants phase in one way or another, we have seen it in all its grandeur.

White pants for men can regularly be an alarming and overwhelming possibility. The shading is splendid, light and in some cases viewed as more qualified to the women, yet as the occasions change and men’s denim drifts consistently follow the ladies’ after time, white pants for men have been famous for two or three years at this point! As Summer is here, the white denim pattern is being seen on the catwalks, road style, Instagram and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, and folks are styling them simply like their standard blue denim.

Nevertheless, here we will get a kick out of the opportunity to reveal the latest trends and design alternatives for pants in summer so that this year you can take a crack at some innovative thoughts and outfit designs.

Here are a few tips we rely on in summer for wearing pants:
Another crucial part of wearing pants in the summer is to throw away the heavyweight pants and go for lightweight pants that vary in weight from 8 oz to 10z. This will enable you in the blistering summer environment to remain sans sweat. Be cautious with the shading blends or the colours of denim you use when attempting the double denim look. The top should, for the most part, have a lighter hue, and the foundation should have a darker shade. Test before you choose your top option with different kinds of fit for trousers. Avoid loose trousers in any situation. Instead, go for a standard fit or father’s more mainstream jeans.

However, the best thing that you can do to look sleek in your white pants is to keep them slim. As no one likes messy white denim, a slim, slim fit will ensure you look custom-fitted and professional. Keep them as thin as could reasonably be required, but not overly thin. A middle ground is desirable.

Here are some of the jeans that might fit for your summer holidays;

20 Denim brands every guy should know!

All saints
According to Wikipedia “AllSaints is a British fashion retailer headquartered in London, UK. AllSaints sells menswear, womenswear apparel, footwear, and accessories”

AMIRI is a modern luxury brand that incorporates elements of California lifestyle and American Rock n’​ Roll.The label was founded by Mike Amiri in 2014

Balmain is a French luxury fashion house that was founded by Pierre Balmain in 1945.

Belstaff is a clothing brand owned by UK chemicals company Ineos. The company was founded in 1924 by Eli Belovitch and his son-in-law Harry Grosberg

Brunello Cucinelli
Brunello Cucinelli S.p.A. is an Italian luxury fashion brand which sells menswear, women’s wear and accessories in Europe, North America and East Asia.

Calvin klein
Calvin Klein Inc. is an American fashion house established in 1968. It specializes in leather, lifestyle accessories, home furnishings, perfumery, jewellery, watches and ready-to-wear.

Canali is an Italian luxury menswear brand founded in 1934.

Diesel S.p.A. is an Italian retail clothing company, located in Breganze, Italy. It sells denim, and other clothing

Mostly a denim brand.

Dolce and gabbana
Dolce & Gabbana is an Italian luxury fashion house founded in 1985 in Legnano by Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

Fendi is an Italian luxury fashion house!

Luxury brand.

Givenchy is a French luxury fashion and perfume house.

G star raw
G-Star RAW (commonly called G-Star) is a Dutch designer clothing company, founded by Jos van Tilburg in Amsterdam in 1989

Gucci is a luxury brand of fashion house based in Florence, Italy.

Levi Strauss & Co.) is an American clothing company known worldwide for its Levi’s brand of denim jeans. It was founded in May 1853.

Polo ralph lauren
Ralph Lauren Corporation is an American fashion company producing products ranging from the mid-range to the luxury segments.

Prada S.p.A. is an Italian luxury fashion house that was founded in 1913 by Mario Prada.

Rag and bone
Rag & Bone is an American fashion label helmed by Marcus Wainwright, originally from Britain.

Gianni Versace S.r.l., usually referred to simply as Versace, is an Italian luxury fashion company and trade name founded by Gianni Versace in 1978.

Denim Skinny Jeans

Denim skinny jeans come in an endless range of styles, including low rise, baggy, stretch, high waisted, straight leg and more for men and women.

Buying the right pair of denim skinny jeans can be a great way to get that real rock star look, or can just be a fantastic means for ensuring that you’re able to flaunt your body everywhere you go. With these types of jeans you can be sure they’re going to hug every part of your body, so that you can show your natural shape, and really take on a much more confident and stylish appearance. It’s just a matter of choosing the right type of denim skinny jeans to ensure that you’re able to get the right look that you’re going for. There are several different types of jeans like these, and it’s just a matter of choosing the right pair that you know you’re going to adore, no matter where you’re going.

What you’re going to find with denim skinny jeans, is that you want to select them carefully to begin with, so that you can ensure they are going to be comfortable. The whole point of these jeans is for them to hug your figure pretty tightly, that means everything from the calves, to your backside are going to be exposed. That can be a great thing, so that you can ensure you’re able to really show your body shape with confidence. But it can also be a negative thing, because they can be somewhat uncomfortable. In order to avoid the discomfort that can come alongside, you want to ensure that your denim features a spandex blend, so that you can ensure they are able to bend and conform to your movements better, and remain comfortable in addition to fantastic looking.

From there, you also want to pick an overall style from your denim skinny jeans as well, so that you can ensure that you’re able to find the right pair that are going to look fantastic wherever you’re going. You can find the solid color and new looking jeans that are going to give you that fancy designer appeal, especially if they have unique pocket stitching on the back. But then you can also find jeans that are actually meant to look worn and older . That means they can be frayed, and will feature fading of all different kinds. That can be very stylish, and can really enable you to get a unique look with your jeans.

But of course, you can also find denim skinny jeans in other styles as well, such as different cuts that may be more ideal for different types of clothing. You can get all sorts of jeans that are ideal for fitting into boots, with wider edges around your calves, or just those that aren’t quite skin tight, so that you have a little room to breathe. The choice is really up to you on the exact style of denim skinny jeans that you’re going for.

Of course, in choosing the right pair, you also want to go shopping in the right place. When you’re looking for the perfect pair of denim skinny jeans, you’ll find that shopping through stores like Macy’s or even Bloomingdale’s can be ideal. That’s because you’ll have the largest selection, which will give you a massive amount of choice when you’re really looking for that perfect pair that you can wear anywhere.

Womens Wide Leg Jeans

Womens wide leg jeans are a popular choice of denim for ladies, offering comfort and found in many designer styles.

Most people enjoy the comfort of wearing casual clothes and one of the most popular items of clothing in this style is jeans. Most people, especially in younger age groups, have at least one pair of jeans to wear and they are available in many different cuts, and looks. If you want a pair that is both comfortable and stylish then women’s wide leg jeans are a good choice to make. There are many ladies who will benefit from choosing women’s wide leg jeans for their wardrobe. Plus size women make up a large percentage of the population these days and standard jean styles may feel a little tight for them.

Women’s jeans with a wide leg cut provide a little more room in the leg and this can be more comfortable for larger ladies. Women expecting babies like to remain fashionable throughout the months of pregnancy and as they will typically put on weight during this time, wide leg jeans can be useful maternity wear during the earlier months of pregnancy. Choosing stretch denim in a wide leg cut can be comfortable for a pregnant lady as well as being a fashionable look.

However even though women’s wide leg jeans can be ideal for the larger lady they can be suitable attire for any woman. The wide leg cut can provide a more comfortable fit and as they are not so tight around the legs it can be easier to stretch, bend and sit down. This makes them a good choice of jeans and many women like the style. Many of the jeans can also be manufactured with features to enhance the figure of a woman and this can include power mesh panty inserts to flatten the stomach and lift the rear which provides a more flattering look.

When choosing women’s wide leg jeans you will need to decide on branded against non-branded styles. While non-branded can be more affordable to purchase, branded jeans can typically be better quality and there are a number of well known brands to select from including Seven, J Brand and Juicy Couture to name a few. Other companies that have women’s jeans with a wide leg cut available include Newport-News, Mainstreet Blues and Blue London.
If you are considering purchasing women’s jeans with a wide leg cut they can be found for sale in both online and in bricks and mortar stores.

Many of the manufacturers that produce branded jeans have their own online stores and these will also typically have details of dealers and retailers that stock their products. Other online stores that sell branded and non-branded women’s jeans with a wide leg cut include Woman Within, Fashion Bug and Silhouettes.

Shopping in-store is preferred by many women as they can try on the jeans for size. Typical places to look for jeans with a wide leg fit include department stores and also clothes retailers such as American Eagle Outfitters. At the more affordable end of the market, women’s wide leg jeans are available for around $20 to $30 for non-branded styles. For branded jeans this price will increase with a pair of Seven jeans with a wide leg fit, for example, costing $200 and greater to purchase.

Comfort is important in any clothes you choose and for the casual look a pair of women’s wide leg jeans will provide this. They are a fashionable style and will provide an attractive look for any woman who wears them.