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DIY Hacks for your pair of Jeans

How much are you paying on a blue jeans pair?  Generally, I seem to be spending $40-$60, even more at times.  If your old denim begins to fall apart after just a few years, it’s very upsetting.  To throw them all out, it seems like such a waste, so I have to wonder what you can do with old blue jeans. So I looked around and found a whole host of good tutorials to share with all of you!  It turns out that with your old jeans you can do a lot of cool things. I can’t wait to start doing these things, and I know that you will be as excited as I am to dig out your sewing box and stitch! 

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Wiz Khalifa Denim Wardrobe

Who said the fashion rules had to be so white and black? How can’t they be yellow and black? And they might be Cue Wiz Khalifa. Or at least we can learn how his own sense of style has been developed. Wiz has proved that he’s beyond music with his latest album released today, and just as his style has grown, so has his sense of fashion. If you’re built something like his super lean 6’4 height or just like his overall style, we’re going to cover a range of looks and brands that will get a similar look–if not, the same exact look. Although conventional rock n roll’s popularity has diminished, it has spread like wildfire to want to dress like a rocker. But if you look at the style of Wiz Khalifa, you can know that for a long time he has understood this. Of course, the guy has an affinity for Gucci and can lift the bar when it comes to dressing for the red carpet, but when it comes to daily fashion, he’s repping all the streetwear brands that have a reason to be counted on. Wiz has a pretty consistent look for the most part, but if it’s not the dark or sleek silhouettes you’d imagine having a rock star, he’s always dressing up the most appropriate fashion brands and models.

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Does your Jeans Fit Properly? Checkout.

Apart from wardrobe malfunctions, inappropriate jeans can be uncomfortable. Of course, the easiest way to tell if your flares fit is to feel completely comfortable and confident in a couple (feeling like you’ve got to pull the waistband or squat to stretch the fabric is not good), but if you’re trying a new style of shopping at a store for the first time, you might need some extra help.

Custom Jeans, offers you some advice on how you can tell if your jeans fit properly to avoid tearing your pants in public.

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Style your Coated Jeans

Offers high-fashion leather pants, covered jeans are also a fashionable and trendy option for fashion-forward females looking for cost-effective, practical and stylish road wear. Coated jeans are a wonderful solution to giving your style some flair in the hotter months, more breathable than edgy leather pants. Looking for inspiration on how your road looks like to integrate these jeans? Keep reading to get ideas to style your coated jeans.

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Coolest Flare Trends for Fall

Since the introduction of skinny jeans, flares are just about the most interesting thing to denim. Seriously! Any and all skeptics should consider the Glamor office that has started late to resemble an extremely chic version of That’s 70s Show. Indeed, references from the 1970s are abundant this season, and while flares are obviously one of those trends, the key to nailing the iteration for 2015 is to offer them a contemporary twist. Self-tie silk blouses, flatforms and very nice customization keep the look contemporary.


There is no doubt that flared jeans are the chicest silhouette of fall. There’s no better time to trade your skinny denim for a wide-leg pair with the season in full-on ‘ 70s mode than now. Stumped on the styling of them? We’ve finished 14 bloggers looking for inspiration in fashion!

Try a Double Denim

A couple of dark-washed flared jeans update the double-denim look. Take your Atlantic Pacific Blair design cue and use a light chambray shirt and pointed pumps to team them up.

Pick an Off-the-Shoulder Top

Channel the 70s style of the season by combining your flared jeans with an off-the-shoulder bohemian top. We enjoy how with a fringed bag, Lady Wants to Die boosts the look.

Choose a Double-Breasted Jacket

To make retro trends look totally new and contemporary, Sheryl of Walk in Wonderland has a knack. Echo her chic 70s-inspired outfit by combining with leg-lengthening flared jeans a tailored double-breasted jacket. Additional points for jewel-tone hue and accessories for cognac!

All Back

With a chic monochromatic outfit, you can’t go wrong. By blending distinct textures, like the tweed jacket of Krystal Schlegel against her flared trousers, add interest to the look. Shearling and leather are excellent flared denim supplements as well!

Try an oversized shirt

Don’t be scared to pair flared jeans with oversized silhouettes. The key to flattering it is to master the half-tuck to define your waist, as Arielle of Something Navy has.

With a Military Vest

Rock white in an optical couple of flared jeans after Labor Day as Jacey of Damsel in Dior does. For a more fall-ready look, team them up with a military vest and bronze accessories.